It is widely accepted nowadays that many people struggle- be it a little or a lot- to get up from their chair. But few of us think beyond that scenario. Yet what about getting on and off the toilet?

THAT is actually a bigger problem, whether at home or out and about…

Reduced sit to stand function is such a common issue that there are now retailers within most large towns selling just riser recliner chairs. But, as outlined above, it is rare for that action to be associated with anything other than getting out of a chair. Yet almost as often, we get on and off the toilet- on average eight times a day! And whether at home or out and about, often a grab rail just isn’t enough support or help.

Solutions do exist.

The obvious is to raise the height of the toilet so less knee bend, and lower limb strength, is required. Floor-mounted toilets can be made higher by the addition of plinths; a wall-hung variant can be moved up the wall. However, whoever is executing the work needs to ensure there is sufficient, or increased, pipework to accommodate the adjustment.

A toilet lifter helps people who do not have the muscle strength to push themselves up. It fits over the WC, and, at the push of a button, lowers and raises the user over the bowl, ensuring their feet remain on the floor.

Most deliver a tilting function as they rise, ‘tipping’ the user from sitting to standing, without the user having to rely on their own muscle strength. Some people find the tilting sensation unsettling, they don’t feel stable, and safe. The Aerolet, available from Closomat, is, to our knowledge, the only brand that also has a vertical lift option: this lifts the user without tilting the seat, eliminating that feeling of insecurity. (The Aerolet range can also be preset to individual user needs in terms of minimum and maximum lift height, thus accommodating the smallest to the tallest individual!)